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Nabco with Modern Expo at Euroshop 2023

Euroshop 2023 was a magnificent four days of retail phenomenon!

Modern Expo SPRING IS COMING pavilion was a marvel with the store of the future exhibiting modern inventions; such as Micromarkets, Parcel lockers, Self-checkouts and A-rated energy-saving refrigerators, a media hall featuring behind-the-scene actions, a cosy restaurant serving delicious food and drinks and enchanted visitors with blooming magnolias to welcome SPRING, the season of inspiration and new beginnings.

Team Nabco welcomed visitors from all over the world. Just as there were many smiles and greetings, there were new opportunities, affiliations and passages of networks that bloomed with every visitor. Soon, with these new connections, we will be venturing into new markets.

We were privileged to be a part of Modern Expo’s mission of introducing Modern retail to the world. Together, we accomplished this mission impressing all our visitors.
Most importantly, what mattered to us most was that our partnership with Modern Expo was further strengthened in friendship and solidarity by functioning together as one team. Moreover, we were awarded the Best Marketing Award for our unique marketing. We thank Modern Expo for accepting us as their own and allowing us to be one with them.