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Making the world
a happy place to live in

Economic adversities have affected non-profit organisations around the world. The Dimuthu Foundation in Chillaw, Sri Lanka is one of them.

We donated provisions with necessary items and committed to longstanding support for their financial needs along with the objective of providing them with skill training such as sewing, to make them self-sufficient when they reach a legal age to work.


A ray of hope in Cambodia

Nabco donated to Forest Town Church in St Albans to support their partners in Cambodia. The Church has a team that goes to Cambodia every year to support Bunna Yin and the Daughters of Cambodia. Bunna Yin is a church founder in rural Cambodia who helps and supports the local community through training and education.

This donation is another example of how Nabco is supporting communities to make a real change in people’s lives. Daughters of Cambodia empowers those trapped in the sex industry to walk free and start a new life, with healing, dignity, and the means to prosper. This is achieved by providing jobs coupled with recovery programs. The girls are taught how to sustain their new lifestyles in non-institutional settings so that they are able to remain connected to their communities and families.

Nabco stands in solidarity:
a heartfelt response to the Ukraine crisis

In the wake of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Nabco has risen to the occasion with unwavering solidarity. Millions have been displaced, and as a united force, Team Nabco has translated words into action. Filling our trucks destined for Poland, we’ve gathered essential donations—clothing, dry food, baby items, pet supplies, and blankets—to offer tangible support to those affected.

This collective effort reflects Nabco’s core commitment to making a meaningful impact during critical times. But our support doesn’t end here. Team Nabco pledges to persist in our efforts, actively seeking opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of those facing adversity in Ukraine. Together, we can contribute to rebuilding communities and providing a beacon of hope during these challenging times

Developing sports in schools

We sponsored a school rugby team in Sri Lanka to provide financial assistance during challenging economic conditions. We have implemented procedures to support the team with more than finances. We believe this is a great start to an initiative of supporting and nurturing young talent.