Nabco begins 2023 – Another chapter of a beautiful journey of growth, innovation and excitement

Reflecting on the year 2022,

It was a year of achieving milestones, facing new challenges, welcoming new talent, expanding our portfolio and receiving new customers. Another year of success and growth.

In pursuit of enhancing the customer experience in the UK and Ireland markets, we launched the complete retail solution, highlighting the Nabco difference in the market. In this second consecutive year of phenomenal growth, we thank our long-standing customers and partners for their loyalty of continuous trust and support towards us. 

A significant highlight was that our partnership with Modern Expo grew from strength to strength despite the affliction of war in their homeland. They continued to innovate, manufacture and deliver regardless of the hardships they faced. We found confidence and assurance in their bravery. In support of the Ukrainian refugees, team Nabco successfully organised a charity run and raised funds as humanitarian aid. The senior management of Modern Expo flew in from Ukraine and participated in the event further concealing our relationship. We are more than partners working together towards the same mission. Moreover, we will be representing the brand together at the World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, Euroshop 2023, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Another partnership we uphold dearly is with our Marketing Agency, Future.i Their contribution to creating brand awareness with a strong digital presence played a vital role in our growth.

With growth came responsibility. We are proud to say that we are an organisation committed to sustainable development. We have reduced the use of plastic and paper with initiatives in the progress of becoming a paperless organisation. We also introduced a range of eco-friendly natural R290 propane refrigerants that meet EU energy efficiency requirements.

In light of the world’s economic crisis, we have committed ourselves to provide sustainable support to a Children’s orphanage in Sri Lanka for the well-being of the children and their financial needs.

We made history by becoming the first-ever platinum sponsor of one of the premier school rugby teams in Sri Lanka, St. Peter’s College rugby. This was a proud moment for us to be able to become a supporting arm for the team with more than finances. We look forward to many opportunities arising from this sponsorship.

We believe 2023 will be the biggest and greatest year to date in the history of Nabco. Our newly appointed sales and propositions director, Steve Gell, initiated the launch of a new customer-led proposition to the market. With new, modern and innovative products on our portfolio, we are not just part of major tenders in the UK and Ireland, but also in the process of exploring opportunities that have come to us from outside of the UK from different continents.

We are pressing forward with new plans for the new year by updating our website to a modern and state-of-the-art which will exhibit the complete retail solution and our company culture. We also introduced advanced systems to increase efficiency and invested in growth and development to empower our team.

Our team is the strength of Nabco. A team of industry specialists with exceptional skill sets. Every single one plays a huge part in the growth and development of the business. Their passion and commitment are second to none. They value and support each other to bring the best version of themselves in everything they do. As their leader and managing director, I couldn’t be more proud and thankful to each one of them.

In conclusion, I take pride in the vision I had when I took over as Managing Director of Nabco which was to build and establish a strong and successful company with a significant difference in the industry, offering first-class products and solutions with excellent customer service and empowering the team to reach their potential with high-flying careers. Even as I write this, I cannot help but feel a sense of achievement as we are not far from the path of making this vision a reality.

We are different. We are Agile. We are a team. We are a Family. We are Nabco.

We are a proud member of POPAI!

POPAI UK & Ireland is a progressive industry association, promoting best practices, and dedicated to enhancing the total shopper experience, a behaviour embedded in the DNA of Nabco. We believe that this membership will further strengthen our commitment to being a customer-focused business while delivering the Nabco Difference of offering a customer-led proposition to the world.

Nabco made history!

We made history by becoming the first-ever platinum sponsor of one of the premier school rugby teams in Sri Lanka, St. Peter’s College rugby.
For nine decades since the inception of rugby at the College, we had the honour of being the first brand to be displayed at the front of the team players’ jerseys. This was a proud moment for us to be able to become a supporting arm for the team with more than finances. We look forward to many opportunities arising from this sponsorship. Well wishes to the St. Peter’s College Rugby Team for a successful season!

Nabco Begins New Financial Year: Another Chapter of Growth and Innovation

As we begin a new financial year, here at Nabco, we are delighted to announce annual growth of 27% in the year that has just drawn to a close. We are pleased to have achieved such monumental success despite the supply chain crisis that gripped the world and continuing COVID-19 restrictions. We cannot thank our loyal customers enough for continuing to place their trust in us and enabling us to fulfil our mission to transform the retail landscape in the UK and Ireland.

Continuing to uphold our promise to deliver innovative, high-quality and cost-efficient retail solutions at market-leading velocity, we are introducing brand new, state-of-the-art product ranges from our partner Modern Expo that is now available to pre-order.

An advanced last-mile delivery solution, Loko Logis provides full-size multi-optional parcel lockers that are suited for a broad range of uses. Together with an array of accessories, they allow for the creation of truly unique configurations to fit your infrastructure. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are secure, adaptive and work round the clock. Loko Local is our range of personal parcel lockers that can integrate into any space.

We are also introducing Evo Seline modern checkout counters that allow for a streamlined integration process in retail. Meeting strict ergonomic requirements and adaptable to fit shops of different sizes and formats, they include a promo screen to provide for seamless communication and a compact device for hand disinfection.

As a climate-conscious organisation dedicated to doing our part to achieve net-zero carbon retail in the UK, we are thrilled to present our new line of refrigerators that meet EU energy efficiency requirements. Equipped with vertical multidecks in keeping with the latest trends and refrigerated counters to suit different types of products, they are designed to provide maximum innovation and efficiency.

We are also bidding farewell to our Sales Director Ryan Willis who has played an important role in driving the organisation forward. A good friend to Nabco for over two decades, we are sad to see him leave and wish him the very best as he charts a new journey in his life! As Ryan retires from the management team, we have placed renewed focus on our sales team, reengineering the structure and functionality for greater adaptability and superior service in this brand new global landscape.

Last but not the least, it would be remiss to not thank our team here at Nabco. Every individual plays a pivotal role in driving forward our business with commitment and passion and ensuring the fantastic success that it achieves year after year.

We also thank our business partners who through emerging global challenges continue to impress with their innovation, professionalism and customer service

In closing, I would like to reiterate that at Nabco, we are driven by a purpose to drive innovation, deliver world-class quality at speed and transform the future of retail in the UK and the world.

Leading the Transformation of the Retail Landscape

At Nabco, we are driven by purpose: To elevate the retail industry in the UK by providing novel, high quality and future-ready solutions.

We ensure to always be one step ahead of emerging developments and trends in the retail landscape – across its many sectors – and deliver modern solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. Together with our partners Modern Expo, our team of exceptional professionals are not afraid to reimagine the future, delivering innovation, transformation and immense value to our clients at market leading velocity.


The retail industry in the UK consists of over 300,000 separate businesses worth over a collective £400 billion in annual sales. As new players enter, emerging players grow and established players innovate into untapped sectors, the industry as a whole is set to display steady upward growth. Here at Nabco, we are committed to serving customers of all sizes and offerings. By eliminating long lead time, we enable them to complete their projects within required parameters at record speed. In the near future, we will also be introducing a new range of products set to transform the retail landscape for the health, beauty, pharmacy, produce, bakery, pet care, DIY and FMCG sectors across the supply chain, from storage and warehousing to display and sale.

At Nabco, we are responding to the urgent issue of climate change by doing our part to achieve net zero carbon retail in the UK, transitioning to more sustainable processes and products that meet customers’ emerging needs. Our products are manufactured following eco conscious principles and can be easily recycled.

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Why have Nabco partnered with Modern-Expo?

2021 has been a very difficult year for companies that rely on Chinese manufacturers and shipping. Many organisations that depended on stock from China has continue to experience extremely long lead times and increasing rates for shipping that has led to costs being passed on to their customers. At Nabco we knew very early on that this would not be sustainable, and we needed a European based manufacturing partner.

When we started looking for a new European manufacturing partner, finding a partner that had similar values and business practice as Nabco was very important. We wanted a partner that was customer focussed, flexible and offered a broader range of high-quality retail solutions that would allow for wider market opportunities and growth for our customers and partners. The modern retail landscape is changing.  We realised that new and innovative shelving solutions and retail ecosystem products would be necessary for providing our symbol retailers and shopfitting partners opportunities to create modern retail environments and displays.


When I visited Modern Expo’s headquarters with our Commercial Director, Trishan Satyadheva, we were very impressed. Modern Expo are one of the largest global retail manufacturers supplying over 75 countries. They have a vision of what the modern retail ecosystem will be and provide products and solutions for this. This includes design concepts and product development, as well as manufacturing and turn-key projects.


In addition, they had world class manufacturing and logistics facilities. Their entire 112,000 sqm manufacturing facilities are completely based on LEAN production principles. This is backed with the highest quality management certifications ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001 and health and safety management ISO 45001. Modern Expo products are all tested for compliance with TUV Rheinland, Bureau Veritas, UL and NSF international certification agencies and national certification bodies.

With their friendly and accommodating team, the professionalism of their operation and their willingness to go the extra mile for us, we knew we had found our partner and Nabco partnered with Modern-Expo.

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Nabco Announces Partnership with Modern Expo

Nabco UK, a leader in retail shelving and accessories, today announced its new partnership with Modern Expo, one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of complete retail solutions. The partnership will see Nabco become Modern Expo’s official distributor in the UK and Ireland of its retail shelving, specialised instore display equipment and retail products.

Nabco will initially offer Modern Expo’s high quality SG50 Shelving system, a classic European system that is completely compatible with current 50mm pitch shelving systems. Over-time Nabco will offer a wider range of Modern Expo’s retail products and solutions.

“Modern Expo are one of the largest global retail manufacturers supplying over 75 countries. Our customers will benefit from this partnership by having access to an extensive product range through a fast, reliable 24–48-hour order turnaround,” said Ryan Willis, Sales Director at Nabco. “This gives our customers peace of mind and confidence with their shelving projects and installation timescales, while also benefitting from Nabco’s first-class customer service and support”.

Petro Pilipyuk, Owner of Modern Expo commented “We see Nabco as a perfect partner because of their strong reputation and market presence. It enables us to have high quality representation across the UK and Ireland providing retailers and trade shopfitters access to our wide range of retail products and solutions, starting with our SG50 Shelving system. Nabco also share the same core values and aspirations as Modern Expo regarding innovation and customer experience by creating a new atmosphere of trust and engagement inside the retail space”

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