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Multifunctional range of fruit and vegetable displays

Fruit & Veg


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    Fruit & Veg

    Greora family consists of 5 modules with a wide range of accessories allowing you to deliver a fresh produce offer to any store format.

    Greora modules can be placed on wheels allowing you to easily change the customer experience depending on the season or promotional activity.

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    Key Features

    Pop-up solution

    Complete solution allowing you to deploy to your store quickly

    Modular design

    The design gives you the flexibility to place a number of units together to deliver the range and experience your customers demand

    Easy configuration

    The simple design allows you to configure to suit your range or store format

    Cross-selling capabilities

    Increase basket spend by placing related products together such as meal solutions or key promotional periods or campaigns.


    This lightweight but sturdy solution is minimalist allowing the focus to be on the product.

    Range of accessories

    A varied choice of accessories allow you to adapt the unit to meet your range and customers demand.


    Greora modules are very versatile and can be quickly reconfigured, forming new landscapes for any format and optimising the use of retail space. The wide range of accessories can create a minimalistic look or a dynamic atmosphere. 8 types of goods can be placed on 0.5 m of retail space.