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Warehouse Solutions

A frictionless operation


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    The modern warehouse must be operationally efficient ensuring goods are stored and processed most effectively.

    Our warehouse solutions have been developed with our customers to deliver a frictionless operation reducing pick times and increasing productivity.

    Mini Rack Solutions

    The ideal solution for industrial premises, garages, houses, car services, archives, libraries, etc.

    Ability to place different loads of low weight and size
    Maximum load per section – up to 5,000 kg

    A system for storage and transportation of boxes and containers on special rollers. 
    The goods are fed into gravity racks on the loading side and move slowly along the channel to the place of unloading under their weight

    Each box has its channel, which minimises the errors in order formation.

    Ensures the easy selection of goods.

    Placement of the goods according to the principles of the FIFO system (First-In, First-Out).

    Pallet Shelving Systems

    Ensure free access to any section and each individual pallet

    The density of cargo storage allows using the useful area effectively

    The loading equipment operates directly inside the structure

    Pallet placement according to FIFO system (First-In, First-Out)

    Save of usable space and time for product placement
    Do not require any mains connection

    Placing the different types of cargo at different levels of the system

    The most efficient use of room height

    Solution with pull-out shelves, which is an ideal tool for picking

    Easy and fast selection of the good

    Access to the product from three sides
    Reducing the amount of equipment for goods processing

    Ability to process the sections with hoists and cranes

    An ideal solution for the storage of pallets with the same type of cargo and a small range

    Placing the different types of cargo at different levels of the system

    The most efficient use of room height

    Key Features


    Solutions for retail, manufacturing, fulfillment centers, dark stores, pharmaceutical companies, e-commerce, postal, and courier services


    Instruments for competent storage space design, which significantly improves the efficiency of the warehouse operation


    Ability to supplement shelving systems with new sections, to dismantle and change configurations without undue effort


    Guarantee of operational safety and proved reliability by thorough inspections


    Multifunctional spatial solutions, specialised mechanisation systems, and instruments for warehouse flows optimisation make our solutions be the best for different types of business