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Eco-friendly and
Energy efficient products

We have a range of refrigerators with eco-friendly refrigerant R290 (propane) and have introduced a new line of refrigerators with A-class and B-class with low noise and a 65% reduction in energy consumption.

R290 has been named as the preferred green gas refrigerant option by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to its high efficiency and energy savings.

Along with their environmentally friendly impact, all the refrigerators meet the EU energy savings standards.

Recycling and
Reducing Paper Use

We have taken steps towards a paperless future by eliminating 70% of paper use. We are automating our operations through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to further eradicate paper usage within the next 15 months.

We treat each project individually and with our customers to minimise the use of packaging including understanding the waste stream at delivery to ensure we mitigate contaminating any waste stream leading to landfill.

We compact all our cardboard from packaging and hand it over to waste management along with the wooden and plastic pallets to recycle.

Smart and
Organised Delivery

We offer a consolidated service for all our customers to reduce the number of deliveries from our warehouse to the site to reduce the carbon footprint emanating from the trucks.

Consolidation also helps to mitigate the risk of misplacing the delivered products on-site and as a result, we forego additional deliveries and reduce carbon emissions.