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Nabco Begins New Financial Year: Another Chapter of Growth and Innovation

As we begin a new financial year, here at Nabco, we are delighted to announce annual growth of 27% in the year that has just drawn to a close. We are pleased to have achieved such monumental success despite the supply chain crisis that gripped the world and continuing COVID-19 restrictions. We cannot thank our loyal customers enough for continuing to place their trust in us and enabling us to fulfil our mission to transform the retail landscape in the UK and Ireland.

Continuing to uphold our promise to deliver innovative, high-quality and cost-efficient retail solutions at market-leading velocity, we are introducing brand new, state-of-the-art product ranges from our partner Modern Expo that is now available to pre-order.

An advanced last-mile delivery solution, Loko Logis provides full-size multi-optional parcel lockers that are suited for a broad range of uses. Together with an array of accessories, they allow for the creation of truly unique configurations to fit your infrastructure. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are secure, adaptive and work round the clock. Loko Local is our range of personal parcel lockers that can integrate into any space.

We are also introducing Evo Seline modern checkout counters that allow for a streamlined integration process in retail. Meeting strict ergonomic requirements and adaptable to fit shops of different sizes and formats, they include a promo screen to provide for seamless communication and a compact device for hand disinfection.

As a climate-conscious organisation dedicated to doing our part to achieve net-zero carbon retail in the UK, we are thrilled to present our new line of refrigerators that meet EU energy efficiency requirements. Equipped with vertical multidecks in keeping with the latest trends and refrigerated counters to suit different types of products, they are designed to provide maximum innovation and efficiency.

We are also bidding farewell to our Sales Director Ryan Willis who has played an important role in driving the organisation forward. A good friend to Nabco for over two decades, we are sad to see him leave and wish him the very best as he charts a new journey in his life! As Ryan retires from the management team, we have placed renewed focus on our sales team, reengineering the structure and functionality for greater adaptability and superior service in this brand new global landscape.

Last but not the least, it would be remiss to not thank our team here at Nabco. Every individual plays a pivotal role in driving forward our business with commitment and passion and ensuring the fantastic success that it achieves year after year.

We also thank our business partners who through emerging global challenges continue to impress with their innovation, professionalism and customer service

In closing, I would like to reiterate that at Nabco, we are driven by a purpose to drive innovation, deliver world-class quality at speed and transform the future of retail in the UK and the world.