Retail Ecosystem 

Innovative Solutions for the Modern Retail Market

Leading the Transformation of Retail Landscape

The modern retail environment is more than just shelving. As the landscape changes, retailers need to consider what a future retail environment will look like. A combination of innovation, new technology and sustainability is required to improve user experience and meet customer needs.

Nabco supports our customers and partners to create wider market opportunities, through our partnership with Modern Expo. We can offer a range of high-quality retail solutions that allow for the creation of modern retail eco-systems. 

From refrigeration to self-service checkout counters, parcel terminals to warehouse racking and more. Whatever your requirements, we can provide a solution to suit.

Checkout & Self-Service Counters
Parcel Terminals
Warehouse Racking

Checkout & Self-Service Counters

As consumers in store shopping habits continue to change, there is a greater demand for innovation, speed and convenience. 

New technology such as contactless payment cards, Apple and Google Pay and Scan and Shop has led to the checkout process becoming more and more important. Retail space being allocated to scan and shop, and self-service checkout counters continues to grow while traditional checkout counters are becoming more innovative to improve the shopping experiences.

We offer a range of modern checkout and Self Service Counters designed to meet the demands of customers and increase customer experience and satisfaction. In addition, these can be integrated with hand sanitiser solutions to meet health and safety standards.
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Parcel Terminals

Modern Delivery Ecosystems

With the growth of online shopping, same day delivery and click and collect services,consumers are looking more and more for delivery solutions to simplify their experience and fit their lifestyle. Parcel Terminals and Lockers are a fast growing solution that enables retailers to meet the delivery demands of their customers. Whether based in supermarkets, shopping centres, petrol forecourts, workspace office blocks, train stations or the high street, parcel terminals provide a convenient and safe way for customers to receive their orders.

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self service point


The Best Solutions with the 
Highest Energy Efficiency Level

Consumers' eating habits have changed with the growth in healthy eating trends creating greater demand for fresher food and chilled products. This demand is creating new revenue opportunities for retailers, but traditional refrigeration and freezer solutions are failing to meet standards.

Retailers require modern, smart and energy efficient refrigeration solutions that are environmentally friendly and drive sustainability. Modern Expo’s refrigeration solutions tick all these requirements and allow for optimised internal retail space providing flexibility for your store design.

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Warehouse Shelving 

and Racking Systems

Whatever you need to store, we have shelving systems for your warehouse

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